PB Machine Tech is part of the Burnside Group of hydraulic cylinder manufacturers.

It is a family owned business which operates out of five manufacturing sites in Ireland shipping world wide daily. The group produce over 13,000 cylinders each week and employ over 500 people in Carlow.

The Burnside group was founded in 1974 by four brothers. In 1988, PB Machine Tech was founded by Paddy Byrne, his daughter Lily Holmes and sons Pat & Paschal Byrne. Originally opened to supply components to cylinder makers. PB Machine Tech grew rapidly to also make hydraulic cylinders, foot pumps and actuators.

By understanding our customers and their requirements we are able to deliver a fast, focused and flexible service.

By understanding the customer, even to the extent of learning German to better understand German customers needs, understanding their requirements and then supplying exactly what the customer wanted Burnside has found their winning formula remaining fast, focused and flexible.

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PB Machine Tech  Telephone: +353 59 9721729 Fax: +353 59 9721670
P.B. Machine Tech Ltd., Muinebheag Industrial Park, Royal Oak Road, Bagenalstown , Co Carlow, Ireland